minizoid128As part of the OneGameAMonth challenge the June game is called Minizoid. It’s honestly a little failed prototype which was working on Android but turned into a fully playable HTML5 game. It’s not extremely exciting, but it’s a fun shooter and there is still potential in the game to make it bigger some day!

Play it here

Brass monkey

So how about playing these HTML5 games.. with a controller?  It’s possible! Our new friends at Brass monkey created magic that let’s you use your mobile phone as the controller.  So Chrono&Cash, Groundskeeper, Super  Drill Panic and Meganoid are now playable using the Brassmonkey controller.

The link to their site is added on the right of the page, but you can also click here if you don’t know what “right side of the page means”.

Chrono&Cash HTML5

icon_chronocashThis is the HTML5 version of Chrono&Cash it’s the core game without the challenges, highscores table and collectables. But all the levels are there, including the new Ghosty one! And the complete gameplay is in tact. It’s slightly bigger than the previous games, and a better attempt at creating a commercial quality HTML5 game.

Play it here!

7DFPS – BubbleGUNN

The 7DFPS challenge is to create a First Person Shooter in 7 days!  I love playing FPS games but I have no interest in making them ;) However, I figured that FPS doesn’t stand for 3D, and simple think back to Duck Hunt or Operation Wolf and you can imagine the stuff you could do in 2D and with some retro sauce.

So here is my entry: BubbleGUNN, a sweet and cute bubbly first person shooter in true retro style.  Shoot bubbles at the falling blocks, because if too many bounce on the floor, the floor will drop and it’s game over..  simple!

Play it here


Mini Ludum Dare 34 – Aspect

icon_groundskeeperAfter enjoying Ludum Dare main compo, I decided to create something for this MiniLD. The idea was to use a strange resolution (I picked 64×18) and the theme was “unimportant” which I took literally as a theme description.

The end result is a little action shooter in a VERY tiny resolution. See how many points you can score playing the Groundskeeper trying to kill the various monsters popping up and around!

Play it here

Ludum Dare 23 – 48 hour compo: Tiny Worlds

Update: Compo ended, and the game came in 19th place overall (out of 1072 entries).

My first ever entry to a Ludum Dare competition. The theme was Tiny Worlds, so I decided to use a single small area and a gameplay that I’ve never used before. I did stick to the platforming controls (left, right and jump) but the rest of the game plays like a sort of point and click adventure.  Give it a try, see if you can escape the cave (and yes, you can actually make it out!)

Play it here

Meganoid HTML5


The first 30 something levels of Meganoid ported to HTML5. My first attempt at doing a HTML5 game, the audio took most of the work to figure it out.. it’s a pain!

No libraries used in the process of creating this. Don’t think JS libraries are really that interesting or good to build on, they simply are unneeded at this point.

Play it here!